We're not messing!

How it works, who we are, what we use

How it works

PooWatch is a secure, cross-platform web app and is available to use on all devices, be it mobile, desktop or laptop. The web app is a quick and easy way to anonymously report sightings of dog poo on the streets of Worcester City. Reports can be submitted while out walking from a single tap on your mobile phone, or via a computer when you have a moment, by dragging and dropping a marker onto a map.

Your report is added to our hotspot map, providing our team with an overview of problem areas around the city. The hotspot information is used by patrolling officers, local policing teams, civil enforcement officers, the Worcester City Council Community Safety team and the Team PooWatch volunteers.

Dog poo is litter, an environmental crime and subject to the appropriate littering fines.

Who we are

The PooWatch web app was developed in 2015 by Jude Allen from the Safer Worcester Partnership and Anda Phillips from the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust, and designed and built by local media artist Al Pagan.

It was grant funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and campaigns on the streets using a dedicated team of volunteers, chalk spray paint, bag dispensers and stencils.

What we use

Your privacy is important to PooWatch.

The reports saved to our database comprise of a geolocation (in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates) and the time and date of submission. No personal information is stored by PooWatch.

The site uses Google Analytics to monitor usage of the webapp, hotspots, the effectiveness of the campaigning and to provide evidence for grant funding applications. All data sent to Google Analytics is anonymised (your IP address is not shared). PooWatch also remembers if you've read the introductory instructions and stores this in your browser (so we don't try to be too helpful again).

Team PooWatch volunteers adopt hotspot areas and spray offending dog poo with red chalk spray paint (so you don’t step in it) and to highlight it in order to shame the dog owner who chose to leave it behind.

Dog poo bag dispensers are available for loan in such hot spot areas and are maintained with free dog poo bags by Team PooWatch volunteers.

Want to sign up as a volunteer and help keep Worcester’s streets clear of dog mess?